LUBBOCK, Texas — 150 pounds (estimated to be worth $300,000) of marijuana were confiscated Thursday after a traffic stop by a state trooper turned into a chase, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

A DPS trooper “attempted to stop a White Dodge SUV” for a traffic violation on US-84 in Shallowater.

The driver of the vehicle attempted to avoid the arrest and later was found at a business, according to DPS. The suspect sped off when the trooper approached the vehicle.

After entering Lubbock city limits, the suspect hit a Jeep at 15th Street and Avenue Q. Including the driver, there were a total of three suspects in the car.

All three suspects ran away after hitting the Jeep, according to DPS.

The driver of the Jeep who was hit “refused medical attention at the scene.”

One of the suspects was captured and then taken University Medical Center. Texas Department of Public Safety’s Sergeant Johnny Bures confirmed two suspects are not in police custody, and that the situation is still under investigation.

Bures also said that this case is unusual because of the shear volume apprehended by authorities. However, with neighboring states legalizing it, Bures said its not uncommon to find people in possession.

“So, larger busts like this typically aren’t seen here in Lubbock,” Bures said.”We normally see smaller amounts. The smaller amounts are people that are bringing stuff back –whether they’re either forgot it, or they plan on using, partaking, later. They’re bringing them from other states, or we’re seeing stuff coming up from the border still. That’s it coming in from Mexico and making its way to the other parts of the US. So, this is kind of a hub for a lot of that activity.”