LUBBOCK, Texas – COVID cases are on the rise in Texas as well as across the United States, also causing an increased demand for testing. Options for at-home testing appear bleak as stores struggle to keep tests on their shelves. That has led a lot of people to turn to drive-thru testing. 

Nomi Health’s drive-thru testing, located behind Master Cleaners between 82nd Street and Homestead Avenue operates Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., has seen a lot more people going into the new year.  

On Monday, a line of cars wrapped around the block as people waited anxiously to get tested for COVID-19. 

Nomi Health’s Director of Texas Operations Manager Jaclynn Fuller said their testing site has been busier than usual. It appears that more people are seeking to get tested for the deadly virus. 

“I think now people are starting to realize that testing is taking an uptick and we have a great location there and a great staff that’s getting people through as quickly as they possibly can,” Fuller said.

Fuller said COVID isn’t the only concern. Nomi Health, along with other drive-thru testing sites, are utilizing each swab from their tests. People are being tested and getting their results for both the flu and COVID.   

“So, recently we’ve started offering what we call ABC PCRs,” Fuller said. “So they’ll test you for the flu, A flu B and COVID. And one swab.” 

While testing is a high priority right now, Nomi Health’s Medical Director, Dr. Harold Delasalas, said people still need to take further precautions to stay healthy. 

“I would still exercise the right precautions and strategies as you would if you had the Delta variant,” Dr. Delasalas said. “Even if you had the COVID testing, if you had, following the appropriate isolation timeframe is still important.”  

Healthcare professionals with Nomi Health also said that these sites don’t require appointments registering may save a lot of time. 

“Pre-registration would save a lot of time and make it you know, again, just make it more efficient for everybody going through the site,” Dr. Delasalas said. “What happens is that people just say, ‘Okay, well let me just go to the site, not realizing there is an option to pre-register, and then it slows everything down because then they have to go through and put all that information and data entry in and it slows down the queue completely.”