LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report said a driver on South Loop 289 fired three shots at another driver Friday afternoon.

The police report said the victim was stopped behind the “suspect vehicle” at South Loop and University Avenue for a traffic light. The light turned green and the suspect vehicle did not move.

“[The victim] advised he honked his horn,” the police report said.

A moment later, on the South Loop near Indiana Avenue, the victim passed the other driver who flipped him off with his “middle finger.” The victim did not think much of it at first.

“[The victim] advised he then observed [the suspect] pull out a silver handgun and point it at [the victim’s] direction. [The victim] advised [the suspect] then discharged approximately three shots at [the victim’s] listed vehicle,” the police report said.

The victim pulled off Loop 289 at 19th Street and went to the parking lot of Academy Sports to wait for police officers.

Police found three bullet holes in the car. The victim was not injured according to the police report.