Melvin Verner Keele, 46, was arrested Friday for failure to stop and render aid in the death of Joey Aguero.  An arrest warrant on Tuesday provided new details in the case. 

Police said Aguero was hit by a vehicle and killed on February 1 in the 7000 block of 4th Street.  

Police noticed glass from a broken headlight at the scene. They checked the Walmart parking lot at 4th Street and West Loop.  Officers found a pickup truck with a broken glass-headlight-cover. 

Officers then began to track down the owner of the truck. Police found the registered owner which in turn led to Keele.  

An arrest warrant said police questioned Keele. 

The warrant said, “He [Keele] collided with an unknown object, that he assumed to be a dog, and continued driving.”

The warrant said he went to Walmart, bought groceries and called someone for a ride. Keele noticed damage to the pickup truck, but decided to wait until the next morning to deal with it.

Keele told police that when he came back he saw the vehicle was gone.  He told police that he assumed it “had been impounded.”

The warrant said Keele did not ask store employees where the truck went, and he did not try to find the truck through any local towing companies.

Keele was held Tuesday in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $60,000 bond.

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