Driver intentionally struck pedestrian in East Lubbock, police report said

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900 block, Zenith Avenue (Nexstar/Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report revealed new information about a person who was hit by a vehicle on Tuesday morning at about 8:30 in the 900 block of Zenith Avenue.

Police initially on Tuesday said someone suffered moderate injuries. But now the police report reveals that the driver was accused of hitting a pedestrian intentionally.

The address in the police report is near a daycare. A witness in the area said she just showed up for work when a man and woman drove up. The man and woman were arguing, and the woman was trying to get her phone from the man as she got out of the vehicle.

The witness approached and tried to break things up, the police report said.

“[The suspect] made threats to run over [the victim] if she did not get out of the vehicle so he could leave,” the police report said.

The man then sped off with the woman still partially in the door of the vehicle. The woman and the witness were both knocked down. The witness had a scraped knee, according to the police report. But the woman hit her head on the street. She was taken by EMS to a Lubbock hospital.

“[The suspect] had struck [the victim] with his vehicle intentionally,” the police report said.

As of the time of the police report, no suspect had been arrested. On Wednesday, police said there no update yet.

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