LUBBOCK, Texas – At approximately 1:03 a.m. Tuesday, shots were fired in a roadway aggravated assault incident at 1900 W Loop 289, according to a report by Lubbock Police Department.

The police report said that one of the two victims was the mother of recently-murdered Cypress Ramos, 21. She asked the other victim to drive her to the storage units where her “…son was recently murdered.” A letter sent out by Texas Tech University indicated that Cypress Ramos was part of the LGBTQIA Community.

As they left the storage units, the driver noticed a vehicle but said there was plenty of room on the road.

As he drove, a man passed, and brake checked him. The driver who was giving the mom a ride told police he didn’t know why the suspect did this or who it was. He got onto Loop 289 and continued driving when he noticed the suspect pointing a pistol out the window in their direction.

Shots were fired. No injuries were reported, and the vehicle was not hit. The suspect then exited the Marsha Sharp Freeway near the old “Sam’s Club,” and the victims exited at Slide Road.

The first victim said he thought the suspect was a Hispanic male, and the mom said she thought it was a white male.

The suspect was not located at the time of the report.

Jail records indicated Allan Montemayor, 32, was arrested for murder prior to the shots-fired call. asked LPD if the incident could be called road rage. LPD responded by saying the case is an aggravated assault that just happened to be along a highway.