LUBBOCK, Texas — On Tuesday, the Lubbock Police Department (LPD) celebrated and recognized three retirees and awarded two detectives for their dedication to serving the community.

LPD Detective Olivia Boggs was honored for her committment to a May 2021 investigation involving 33-year-old Robert David Fyke who drove from Lubbock to Georgia to pick up a 14-year-old girl without consent. 

“Investigator Olivia Boggs, with an FBI Special Agent, was able to locate Fyke and convince him to be interviewed,” said Kasie Davis, public information officer with LPD. “It was through this interview process that Fyke admitted to meeting the minor and being aware of her age, as well as agreeing to let investigators search his phone, at which point they found additional evidence implicating him in this abduction.”

The combined efforts of Olivia, the FBI and the DPS led to a 30-year sentence for Fyke, and the 14-year-old being returned to her parents in Georgia.

“We were prompt in our investigation,” Olivia said. “We worked several hours till late in the night attempting to find her.”

It turns out, the other detective being recognized was Olivia’s husband, Detective Matt Boggs. The two have been together for 17 years and both do work with crimes against children in the community.

Matt has worked with the Internet Crimes Against Children squad since 2018. There, he uses digital evidence to provide important insight to criminal investigations.

“In addition to his own case work, Detective Boggs often assists with the downloading of computers, cell phones and other devices for cases in which he is not the lead investigator,” Davis said. “It’s this forensic expertise that has helped to incarcerate those who prey on the most vulnerable within our community.”

Matt said detective work is often overlooked.

“My report is at the bottom of everybody else’s report because it takes me longer to process the evidence,” Matt said. “It’s nice to get recognized because I don’t think enough people get recognized for the stuff they do.”

When people question how the couple can successfully work on the same team, they said they treat each other just like any of their other coworkers.

“We talk back and forth like she does with the other guys,” Matt said. “We cut up a lot and joke around, but that’s just kind of how we do in our unit to kind of ease some of the stress or some of the tension in the unit from the job.”

“Strictly, we’re at work, it’s work, we’re at home, it’s home,” Olivia said. “It’s kind of nice, because when we do go home, we can talk about some of the things that bother us, and it kind of gives us an out and we get to vent and our person, our other half, understands.”

The three retirees that were celebrated Tuesday are as follows:

  • Corporal Justin Criner, Patrol Division, 20 years of service
  • Officer John Bentley, Crimes Against Children, 30 years of service
  • Lillie Hearn, Communications, 34 years of service