Each participant could bring Lubbock $15k by filling out census

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LUBBOCK, Texas — As the September 30 deadline to fill out the census gets closer, local organizations urge Hub City residents to fill out the census

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline to fill out the census was pushed to October 1, but Victoria Whitehead, Vice-Chair of Complete Count Lubbock, said it was moved to September to allow for redistricting. 

“What we really need right now is for the U.S. Census Bureau to get those numbers certified, get them to the president so that states within their legislative time, have the ability to redistrict if needed this year,” she said.

Whitehead said each person who participated in the census would bring the city about $15 thousand in total for 10 years. She said those funds would go back to build new infrastructure, hospitals and schools.

“We are living within a prime example of how federal resources can be impacted by census numbers,” Whitehead said. “The Cares Act and the money that we’ve been able to bring from financial disaster relief fund back to Lubbock had a portion of that allocation fund is directly influenced by census numbers.”

Whitehead said a large segment of Lubbock includes the students who attend local colleges and universities. 

“Texas Tech students play a huge population role here in Lubbock, Texas,” Whitehead said. “When you combine Texas Tech, Wayland and LCU, we’re talking 30 to 35 thousand students, and that is a huge population. That’s more than some small towns out here in West Texas.”

Whitehead said her committee is working with universities to encourage more participation.

Lubbock NAACP President Milton Lee said filling out the census is important because it also determines the amount of representation we get in the House of Representatives.

“We need more people being counted because it does matter,” Lee said “We need to get representatives in office to make sure that when people are counted that goes for 10 years, the funds will be used for the communities that are in need of that. “

To fill out the census click here.

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