LUBBOCK, Texas — More aftershocks occurred Thursday morning after Wednesday’s 5.4 earthquake near Menton, Texas. The force was so strong, some nearly 190 miles away here in the Hub City even felt the shakes.

Crystal Martinez, a Lubbock resident who was working from home at the time, said she thought one of her kids was playing under her desk due to it shaking so much.

“I felt like my mind was playing tricks on me,” she explained. Soon after, she learned it was an earthquake about three hours away.

Her mom lives in Midland, and she said she thought the noises she was hearing was her trailer outside or a big truck that had driven by.

The earthquake, now the third strongest in Texas history, is still being investigated by experts.

Dr. Scott Tinker, the Texas State Geologist and Bureau of Economic Geology Director said that all the human activity in that area like drilling and fracking make it one of the most active earthquake regions.

“We can’t definitively say this was caused by that,” he explained. He added that there really is no way to predict a specific magnitude or timing, but people can try to understand where earthquake pressures might be building up.

“We have a very active online presence, TexNet has a website, and you can see all the different events there,” he explained. “Seeing where the seismometers are on the earthquake events, so you can see where clusters of events have been. And that’s more likely to be places where earthquakes would happen again.”

Martinez has lived in Lubbock her whole life, and said she had never experienced anything like it.

Some may wonder why some could feel the shakes, but others couldn’t. Dr. Tinker said it’s because of how differently the sound waves propagate through the rocks and structures one might be in. He then added that “Some people are just better earthquake-feelers than others.”