LUBBOCK, Texas — Every year, the Lubbock Live Festival donates a percentage of it’s proceeds to local art organizations. This year’s recipient was East Lubbock Art House receiving a $13,539.03 contribution.

East Lubbock Art House Executive Director, Danielle Demertria East says this is the largest donation they have ever received, and it will help keep the building open.

“We want to pay our rent, it’s hard to be able to support ourselves,” East said. “We get money for programming and a lot of different donations but if we don’t have the building, the facility and the ability to pay people like myself we can’t do the programming.”

The East Lubbock Art House is a non-profit organization combining art and community activism. This space offers resources and a place for community free of charge.

“We can’t operate for free; I don’t have any money and alot of community members we work with are really strong, but they don’t have alot of the financial support, so this really helps,” East said.

In an email Lubbock Live Founder Jeremy Couture told

“We are absolutely honored to have [East Lubbock Art House]. The work you are doing for the arts and for the Lubbock community is incredible and we want to help.”

Danielle says she is glad to be this year’s recipient, and it will impact the building and programs offered here.

“It’s just a way for the community to come together in a safe and educational way,” Danielle said.

East Lubbock Art House relies heavily on the community for support. To volunteer or make a donation visit their website.