LUBBOCK, Texas — Folks right here in Lubbock struggle to keep enough food on the table, especially those who are homebound. That’s why Lubbock Meals on Wheels is teaming up with United Supermarkets for the 32nd year to help those who need it most. The executive director at Lubbock Meals on Wheels, Lisa Gilliland said this fundraiser is not only a great way to give back, but a simple and tasty one too. 

“That’s why it’s called easy as pie, because it is so easy,” Gilliland said. 

The ‘Easy as Pie’ fundraiser kicked off on Wednesday with a pie-eating contest. Even though competitors may have a stomach ache until Christmas from scarfing down enough pie, it’s all for a good cause. 

“We rely completely on support from the Lubbock community to feed our homebound neighbors, and right now, our numbers are higher than they’ve ever been,” said Gilliland. “We’re serving breakfast and lunch to over a thousand clients in the Lubbock and Wolfforth Communities.”

All of the proceeds go to Lubbock Meals on Wheels, but they aren’t the only ones who make it all happen, or who get something in return.

“In return for a $5 donation, all of our guests, whether it’s United, Market Street, Amigos, they’ll receive a voucher or a coupon for a free Sara Lee frozen pie,” said Josh Mullins, one of the store directors at United Supermarkets. .

According to Gilliland, the need she and others with the non-profit fill tend to grow during the colder months. Plus, she said after a busier summer than normal, and higher food costs, they’re anticipating an even bigger crowd to feed. 

“During the winter months, once the weather changes…and when people come in for the holidays, they might see their family members, their grandparents that might need some additional help,” said GIlliland. 

Mullins said he and others with United Supermarkets are grateful to be able to give back to the community for another year with Lubbock Meals on Wheels, and hopes to help the non-profit reach, or even exceed, their $75,000 goal. 

“Meals on Wheels already does a lot for the community,” Mullins said. “The United family does a lot for the community, so it’s just a good partnership.” 

Both Mullins and Gilliland agree that even the minimum $5 donation to get a pie can go a long way. Customers have the opportunity to give the minimum amount, or more, at any checkout stand in all United locations here in town until November 22. Gilliland also said that if you can’t donate this season, Lubbock Meals on Wheels is always in need of volunteers to help out too.