LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock County Elections department is looking to hire 180 people to work the primary elections.

Election Administrator Dorothy Kennedy said anyone who is 16 and up can apply for work. She said those who are 18 and older must be registered to vote in Lubbock County to qualify for work.

“Presidential election years always attract a lot of voters and so we know it’s going to be a busy primary and so we need those people to come out and work for us,” she said.

Kennedy said if you have never voted or worked an election that there will be training and experienced employees to help.

“We’ll teach them how to work the voting equipment and how to fill out their state and federally mandated paperwork and how to assist a voter and check in a voter,” she said.

Jenny Turnbull has been an election worker for the past 3 years and says the main goal of an election worker is to help people vote.

“We’ve got mail ballots, we can bring the machine out to your car to help you vote, we’ve got headphones, we’ve got swatches,” she said. “It doesn’t matter, disability, no disability everyone can vote.”

Applications should be done through one of the staffing agencies: