LUBBOCK, Texas – Last week, Reliant cut the ribbon and opened their new office here in Lubbock. This electric company is one of many coming to town soon as we get ready to make the big switch.

For years, Lubbock Power and Light has been the main electric provider for most of Lubbock. 70 percent of the city has already joined the ERCOT grid, and the rest of the city will soon make that transition as well.

Once everyone is on ERCOT, that means retail competitive options will be available. The process took nearly a decade and was made official by city council back in February.

Matt Rose with LP&L said that by May of 2023, the remaining 30 percent of customers will switch to the ERCOT market, and that’s when people can start to decide which provider they want to go with.

Right now, Reliant is the only provider who has come to town. Anna Delano with Reliant said, “Competition has always bred better pricing for consumers. And that’s really at the heart of competition and what it means.”

 It’s unknown which providers and how many will make the move, but Reliant said they’re glad to be the first.

“Reliant has gone into every single market in Texas that it can, and we want to do the same thing for Lubbock,” Delano added. So, what happens to LP&L?

They will continue to stay busy with maintaining the grid like working on the poles, wires, and meters. They just won’t be a provider for electricity anymore.

Kyle Jacobson with Lubbock Chamber of Commerce said they believe competition will benefit customers by giving them options. “It allows them to shop not only for a better price, but also kind of balance other things like quality of customer service, things like that,” he explained.

He added that LP&L has done a great job over the years, but they’re excited to join the rest of the state in the competitive market.

Something important to keep in mind; There is a deadline to choose a provider. If a decision isn’t made by October 1 of next year, a provider of last resort will be assigned. Thankfully, there is time to do some research and make that decision as the retail market will officially open July 23.

There will also be learning opportunities for shopping customers. The Chamber of Commerce will provide updates on those over on their Facebook page.