LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Christian University and CoNetrix hosted the second-annual Cyber Security Symposium on Wednesday.

Over 100 people attended Wednesday’s symposium to learn more about the safety and importance that comes with cyber security especially with owning a business.

“We saw breaches more with larger businesses, but now we’re seeing it a much more frequent with small businesses,” Russ Horn, President of CoNetrix, said.

Horn said technology changes very frequently and its important to stay protected with updating and revising our cybersecurity posture.

“If you have to bring it down to maybe just the top three things that small business owners should take away from from cybersecurity: One is people, because people are sometimes our biggest weakest link … Second, patch management. We want to make sure we’re patching all of our systems. And then finally, vendor management, we’re relying more on our vendors,” Horn said.

Horn also said that cybersecurity is a big problem across the world because everything is interconnected.

“I think just being cognizant of what you use your technology for, and what you’re posting on social media, things that could make you vulnerable victim to any type of criminal out there that can access your, your technology,” Davela Siangeldeb, Special Agent with Texas Department of Public Safety, said.

Siangeldeb shared tips of how we can combat cybersecurity whether we are at home or at work.

“Continued education, stay up to speed on what the current trends are, and what the current threats are,” Siangeldeb said.

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