LUBBOCK, Texas – The downtown Lubbock area has experienced a boom in recent years with new hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. So what else can Lubbockites look forward to?

While Texas Tech starts classes Thursday, about seven blocks away where City Hall used to stand is a new campus – South Plains College Downtown Center.

Dean Kara Martinez said construction on the building started around two years ago, and that it’s been a long time coming.

“We felt like we needed to have a bigger presence of Arts and Sciences transfer courses here in the city,” Martinez said. “They can get their first two years of coursework for Arts and Sciences here at the Downtown Center.”

She said so far, they have a little over 1,500 students enrolled.

Just down the street from the location at Avenue Q and 39th Street, is the grounds where the old LP&L building once stood. It was torn down earlier this summer after it was passed in 2020 to replace the site with a civic park.

The demolition continues, and planners believe it will be a great addition to the downtown area. They hope to break ground on the new park early 2023.

All of this to bring more people, students included, to downtown Lubbock.

“Those students are going to need a place to eat and to get their coffee or whatever it is that they’re looking for. So, we hope that having our students here will help with the growth in the downtown area,” Martinez said.

SPC students will start classes in the new campus August 29th, but registration will go through the rest of this week. Late registration will run through next week as well.