LUBBOCK, Texas – According to AAA, Texas set a record for gas prices back in March. A few factors, including the Biden administration tapping into the federal oil reserves for the second time, lead to rising prices tapering off for some time.

However, as the weather warms up, more people have scheduled vacations for this upcoming summer. Texas AAA’s Daniel Armbruster said travel across the board is breaking record highs.

“We already see big changes from last year when it comes to Memorial Day,” Armbruster said. “For instance, AAA Travel Bookings are 120% over last year for Memorial Day. So, there’s a lot of demand for travel.”

Armbruster also said that with the demand for fuel expected to continue to increase that will in turn push prices to go up at the pump over the next few months. One of the bigger jumps not seen in travel since before the pandemic is cruise line bookings.

“Cruises have made a huge comeback,” Armbruster said. “We’re seeing bookings really have picked up since March of this year for cruises. And they continue. And now, we’re seeing people booking cruises into next year.”

Armbruster said that many cruise lines supplied vouchers to people who canceled or moved their reservations back in 2020, and they are scheduled to use them by this summer. He also said those holding onto their vouchers should be sure to double-check the dates because some may expire by the end of 2022.