Experts say Lubbock is #1 in the state for lowest gas prices

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LUBBOCK, Texas– You may have noticed it costing a little more nowadays to fill up your gas tank. The average price of gas in the hub city averages $2.92 per gallon.

That’s still below the state average of $3.02, but prices for gas are spiking statewide and globally experts said they may continue to rise. Daniel Armbruster with AAA said gas prices are on the uptick, which for this time of year, is very uncommon. 

“Normally this time of year gas prices are going down so it’s kind of a weird trend,” Armbruster said. 

Armbruster said there are a few factors driving up the price, but the highest among them are supply chain shortages and an increased demand for transportation for goods, and they’re having a heavy impact on crude oil prices. 

“Crude is now over $80 a barrel and so it you know, prior to when we were in the middle of the pandemic it had dropped below $50 a barrel,” Armbruster said. “Just to give you an idea, crude makes up about 50% to 60% of what we pay in retail at the pump.”  

Right here in Lubbock the average gallon is 70 cents higher than in the last five years. Some drivers have already noticed that it’s costing them a little bit more to fill up at the pump. The average amount increased this week alone by 8 cents. However, some drivers said it’s not a big enough difference to change their commute.

Bobbi Tolonen drives for Meals on Wheels and she said paying a little more at the pump won’t stop her from making her rounds. 

“I’ve noticed a little bit all of a sudden we’re into the $45 almost a $50 range on filling my car up,” Tolonen said. “I used to drive a truck cross-country, so I used to put in 100 gallons at a time. So it’s still a lot smaller amount of gas.”

Bob Swyer drives with them as well, and said it’s still worth it to drive his route with his grandkids. 

“My route is 20 miles max, once a week. I mean, that’s less than a gallon. So really no excuses. Get out there and help others,” Swyer said.  

According to AAA, despite the increase, Lubbock remains the number one city in the state for the lowest gas prices and the second lowest in the country.

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