Facial recognition software now being used to check temperatures

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Since the pandemic started knowing your temperature is now the norm. Security cameras with facial recognition software that can check temperatures have been booming across the country, and even some places here in Lubbock have gotten on board.

“It checks their temperature as soon as you walk in the door,” said Keith Weddle, Vice President of 24 Seven Security.

These cameras use facial recognition as a way for businesses to check the temperature of those coming in.

And according to Weddle, sales of these cameras only continue to rise.

“People are just scared. They are scared of letting people into their business that they don’t know where they have been or who they’ve come in contact with.

“They really don’t know anything about them other than they are coming into their place of business, so with this new technology, it helps to reassure them that at least the people that are coming in aren’t running a fever,” said Weddle.

The cameras were recently put in the lobby of Citizen’s Tower for folks to check their temperatures and work with or without a mask.

“To make sure that everyone coming into your place is not running a fever and is at little risk,” said Weddle.

But even with the vaccine making it to the arms of folks in the area, Weddle doesn’t see these cameras going away any time soon, and he’s hoping the cameras can help folks around Lubbock feel a little safer.

“People love technology, and they love new ideas,” said Weddle.

These cameras can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $3,000, but Weddle believes for high traffic businesses it could be a worthwhile investment.

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