LUBBOCK, Texas – A Lubbock driver was shot at by a passenger in another vehicle while on the Marsha Sharp Freeway, Sunday at 1:45 p.m., according to a Lubbock police report.

The man was driving East in the 3000 Block of Marsha Sharp when he noticed a driver in a Nissan Altima with two passengers merging very close to him onto the entrance ramp. According to the report, he honked to alert the driver then the driver merged safely.

After traveling behind the driver of the Nissan for a short distance, the man told police the driver slammed on his brakes, causing him to tailgate the driver.

He then switched lanes and attempted to pass the Nissan. The driver and front passenger proceeded to “flip off” the man, and he flipped them off as well.

Once he passed the vehicle, he noticed a gun sticking out of the rear passenger window and heard a gunshot aimed at his vehicle soon after. He exited the Marsha Sharp Fwy and called the police immediately.
The suspects were not located, and the victim was unable to give information regarding the license plate or describe the vehicle further.

There have been no updates on this case.