LUBBOCK, Texas — The 6-year-old who was shot in the head Friday was in stable condition on Monday, according to his family.

Josiah Villarreal was shot when an unidentified man fired six shots at a home in the 5000 block of 38th Street. The shots hit Josiah in the head, causing serious injuries.

Josiah Villarreal, used with permission from family

Josiah’s family said he was sedated but moving when they talk to him and will be having surgery next week.

Dezarey Marie Ramos, 22, was arrested and charged Monday for the shooting. According to police, she planned the shooting and drove to the scene.

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An arrest warrant said someone else in the car with Ramos is the one who pulled the trigger.

Parents were notified Monday by officials at Wheelock Elementary School that counselors would be available to support students impacted by Josiah’s injury.

Lubbock Independent School District officials also released the following statement:

The students, teachers, staff, and administrators of Wheelock Elementary School and Lubbock ISD send our caring thoughts to the kindergarten student who was the victim of a traumatic injury on Friday, November 15, and his family.”