LUBBOCK, Texas — A family in mourning, after 49-year old, Robert Dendy, was killed trying to defend his neighborhood from burglars. His granddaughter, Taylor Salazar, said she was inside his home when he ran out trying to warn his neighbors about the suspicious men.

“My grandpa saw the masks, and he’s like I’m going to see if our boys are okay, because my brother and uncle live right down the street,” Salazar said. “That’s just the kind of person he was, always thinking of others.”

Police believe the suspects, 20 year old ‘Kyi Baker’, and a 14-year old were attempting to break into Dendy’s neighbors home for drugs, and money inside. However, once Dendy confronted them, one of the suspects fatally shot him.

“I just started running, running, running, he is my whole world” Salazar said. “Somebody tried to give him CPR, but he just wasn’t coming back.”

Dendy’s family said Robert Dendy died the way he lived, protecting his friends and family.

“I know if he had to do it again, he would” Salazar said. “He’d never want something bad to happen to us or anyone he knows, and that meant the world to everyone who knew him.”