LUBBOCK, Texas — A woman at Madison Park Apartments says she is “blessed to be alive” after a car smashed through her bedroom wall early Sunday morning.

“It was about one o’clock in the morning. I turn to the window, and all I see is lights and a car crashing through my bedroom window,” Joyce Nelson, 56, said. “I actually got hit in the head with a two-by-four. The windowpane landed on my body.”

She says people were arguing outside her window before the crash. A police report was filed with the Lubbock Police Department but has not yet been made available.

“I could actually touch the car with my foot. That’s how close it was to the bed,” Nelson said.

This is an especially difficult ordeal for Joyce, as the damage has cut her off from the comfort and care she needs. Joyce lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis and is confined to a hospital bed. She now does not have access to it while she lives with her daughter.

“It just shut my limbs down, everything is stuck,” Nelson said. “It’s really putting some strain on my body. I’m used to being up inclined and now I’m just laying flat.”

Joyce and her family say the apartment has been helpful in dealing with the damage and will cover the costs to repair the structure. However, she lost furniture and other personal items and has no idea how soon she will be able to move home.

Her family has started a GoFundMe and is asking for the community’s support in the meantime.

“Any amount will be appreciated. I just want to say God bless everyone who is able to give,” Nelson said. “”I’m just blessed to be alive. Thirty minutes before it happened, my daughter walked out of the room. If she had stayed, she would have been laying on the floor. It’s just a miracle.”