O’DONNELL, Texas- A South Plains family is in mourning after 15-year-old Jaden Rosas was killed by a stray bullet on Tuesday morning in San Antonio.

Epi Rosas said his son was in San Antonio visiting relatives and coping with losing his mother to cancer in April, who he lived with in San Antonio.

Jaden was playing a Fortnite when a bullet hit through the apartment.

“The bullet just went through the wall, went through his head and he just fell to the ground and his cousins tried to keep him alive,” said Epi. “I tell myself should have been there, because when you tell your kid you’re going to protect him, that’s a promise you can’t ever take back.”

Epi said his son was turning 16 in September and that as an avid gamer, he had big dreams.

“His mission was to be a gamer to make his own game so other people out there could play his game,” said Epi. “He said, ‘Dad, this is my life. This is what I do to communicate. This is how I can escape out of this world into this world and leave my mom and everybody else out.'”

Jaden’s stepmother, Michelle Rosas, said he was a lovable and good kid.

Ben Gonzales, Jaden’s stepbrother, said he was a person anyone would love to know.

“He’s just a person to make you laugh always cheer you up, always be there for you and help you out if you need it. someone who would always bring you up,” said Gonzales.

The family has several fundraisers to raise money for the funeral by Friday July 23rd.

July 21st. Raffel at BagzDeep806, 12101 Geneva at 6:30

July 22th Cornhole Tournament Fundraiser at BagzDeep806, 12101 Geneva at 6:30

Click here for GoFundMe