Family mourns loss of teen mother killed by domestic violence in 2020

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The family of 19- year-old Haven Trevino mourned the loss of their loved one after she was fatally shot outside her workplace in November 2020.

Trevino had just arrived at her work at Orlando’s Italian Restaurant of 6951 Indiana Avenue when her ex-boyfriend and father of her son Ezra shot her in broad daylight.

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Since her death, her Aunt Kim Hernandez and Cousin Hannah Yonkers have been working with different organizations to help women in domestic violent relationships.

Yonkers said Trevino had been in a constant cycle of domestic abuse.

“It started with the emotional manipulation, with the degrading comments, with the social isolation,” said Yonkers.” She had seven phones broken while she was in a relationship with him because he would break them.”

Hernandez said the domestic abuse continued to escalate and further put her niece in danger.

“It got to the point where he started putting his hands on her, [she would have] black eyes, bruises all over her body,” said Hernandez,” And at one point he choked her to a point where I contacted CPS.”

Hernandez said the time has not helped to heal the pain of her niece being gone.

“I’ve got to be thankful for something, and something good–[Her son], Ezra is here with us today,” said Hernandez. “I know if Ezra would have been in the car, he would have taken Ezra’s life.”

Hernandez said she encourages families and neighbors to speak out when they see something wrong.

“A lot of the time says being a neighbor or, you know, family, we all say, or we tend to say, ‘OK, we don’t want to be part of it,'” said Hernandez, “But get involved, call the authorities.”

Hernandez said those who are in domestically violent relationships should reach out for help because the consequences of not leaving could be fatal.

“It doesn’t get better, you know, believe in yourself, get out of it, do it for your babies, do it for your family,” said Hernandez.

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