LUBBOCK, Texas — The family of Christopher Erick Perez gathered for a balloon release at Peaceful Gardens on the 13th anniversary of his death Sunday evening, and called for the Lubbock Police Department to take another look at the case.

Perez was fatally stabbed in the head and chest on July 31, 2009 outside of the Boss Office Bar.

On Sunday, his family remembered his life, sense of humor and loving personality.

“Just his craziness, the way he took care of everybody, how he was always there for everybody,” his sister Monica Trevino told KLBK News.

The good memories still come with pain, others shared.

“It’s [been] 13 years and 13 years is too long,” said Christopher’s brother, Rafael Perez. “I keep asking. I call. I check up on it. Nothing’s happening. [LPD is] saying they’re too busy with homicides happening now to worry about the homicides that are happening back then.”

Lubbock Police Department responded in a statement on Monday:

“All unsolved homicides, including the homicide of Christopher Perez, with the Lubbock Police Department are currently open, assigned and are actively being investigated by Metropolitan Special Crimes Units detectives. Anyone with information regarding this case is highly encouraged to call Crime Line at 806-741-1000, because any information, no matter how small, can be the piece of information that solves a case.”

The Lubbock Police Department.

Police said they are seeking information about two suspects.

Suspect wanted for Lubbock homicide
Suspect wanted for questioning Lubbock homicide

Rafael Perez added, “Maybe somebody knows something, or somebody was scared to say something back then, but now they’re not. They could speak up on it, which is what we need. That’s how we can get our justice- is by somebody speaking up.”