LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock law firm held a press conference Monday morning and announced the individual who died in an explosion at the X-Fab facility November 12.

Attorney Jason Medina said they filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family of Emmanuel Rosales, which includes his 3-year-old daughter and his parents.

“We have filed the suit because X-Fab has chosen not to carry workers compensation coverage, which means this is the avenue we have to get answers from the family to determine why something like this occurred,” Medina said. “Because it shouldn’t occur, and it only happens when a company is negligent and makes mistakes.”

Medina said their goal is to ensure this never happens to another family and in hopes to give the family the answers they are searching for.

“We’re in the early stages. We haven’t had an opportunity to inspect the scene yet, but we will. We’ve been dealing with experts that can help us really understand why this occurred,” he said. “What we know is this is a process that is done at the facility from time to time. But we understand that when this process of cleaning out the DI – or deionized – water system takes place, there have to be certain precautions that are there to follow.”

According to Medina, X-Fab deals with lots of chemicals, with hydrogen peroxide being one.

“What we know is that in this facility, they have a number of chemicals that are used. They have certain types of cleaning products for their water to the ionized system,” Medina said. “So we believe that probably there was some mixture of chemicals, there were some mixture of byproduct left in the tank.”

Medina said when a facility deals with toxic chemicals, proper precautions need to be in place.

“We know that facilities like this can’t skip steps, they can’t do things that will put their employees in danger,” Medina said.