LUBBOCK Texas – A family is searching for answers after their loved one, 25-year-old Angel Torrez, was found dead in San Antonio.

Elizabeth Torrez, Angel’s mother, said her son was found on September 10th and that she and her family had not gotten too many details on what happened to her son from San Antonio police.

“The only thing they told me was that they found him pretty much thrown over a guardrail,” said Elizabeth. “He was wrapped in a blanket and shot in the back of the head.”

Kimberlee Gonzalez, Angel’s sister, said Angel was the best brother to her and always a light around friends and family.

“Without doubt, the first boy the first man who loved me and never gave up on me, told me I could do what ever I wanted to do,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said she recently gave birth to a son that her brother never got to meet.

“I don’t understand how someone could take someone so innocent so precious. He was free spirited,” said Gonzalez. “Someone who would never give the shirt off his back I can’t imagine life without him.”

Dionisa Uribe, Angel’s cousin and best friend, said Angel was also member of the LGBTQ community and that they don’t want his case to go unnoticed.

“Get his name out there is what we want to do, because right now it seems like nobody other than us know his name,” said Uribe. “Nobody knows he was murdered in San Antonio. Nobody knows anything about his case.”

Elizabeth said they’ll continue to push for answers in the following days to make sure her son is not forgotten.

“No matter what happens we are all going to make sure his name is out there every day, until we get justice for my baby,” said Elizabeth.

The family said they are organizing a GoFundMe fundraiser to bring him to Lubbock and give him a proper burial. They also organized a protest on Saturday at Mackenzie Park to protest and gather signatures for a petition.

Red Roulette off Marsha Sharp Freeway is also coordinating a fundraiser on his behalf. See below: