LUBBOCK, Texas – Ethan Perez was hit by a car last week as he was riding on his scooter in his neighborhood. His family said that he is currently in critical condition and their main focus is now on his recovery. 

“He loves making you feel like you are loved. He will give you a hug and just tell you he loves you, you just fall in love with him. His smile is so beautiful. You just fall in love with that smile,” said Veronica Martinez, grandmother to Ethan.

Ethan loves to play outside, and his family said he loves every person he meets and never holds back on letting them know. When his dad got the call of Ethan’s accident, his world changed forever. 

“I think something inside of me broke. I’m his dad. I’m supposed to protect him. There are some things that I can’t protect him from and that hurts, seeing him like this,” said Thomas Perez, Father of Ethan. 

Ethan currently has several fractures to his skull, face and ribs. He also has a collapsed lung and brain damage among other injuries. 

“We’re just happy he’s here and we’re hoping for the best. You know, they’re not really promising much right now because they can’t but he’s a strong kid and he’s a fighter,” said Thomas, “The doctors didn’t think it looked good at first, they say he’s a miracle child right now and we are blessed to have him.”

Ethan is currently fighting through recovery but his family would like to extend their gratitude to the trauma team at Covenant Children’s hospital and everyone currently working and supporting Ethan’s journey. 

“If y’all got to know him like we do, or even parts of him, y’all would love him, he’s a good kid,” said Veronica Martinez, grandmother to Ethan Perez, “I guarantee he’s gonna have a story to tell and he’s gonna come out of this and is going to be 100% Stronger, he’s going to come out and tell the world a story.

The accident is currently being investigated and his recovery will be updated as we learn more.

You can donate to Ethan’s medical expenses at his GoFundMe here.