LUBBOCK, Texas — In a City Council meeting on Monday, Levelland officials discussed updates for the ongoing Red Flour Beetle infestation at the Penny Newman Grain Company. The council tabled a city ordinance that was drafted as a result of the infestation.

Curtis McGill, a representative for the company, asked the council members for more time in its effort to remove the almond hulls from the facility and layout traps for the beetles. City officials provided an update saying the traps have been successful and the number of beetles has not increased.

The council moved to postpone the vote for City Ordinance 1077, which establishes storage requirements for raw and unprocessed agricultural goods for commercial and industrial use.

Levelland farmers expressed opposition to the ordinance during Monday night’s meeting. Paul Isaacs represented the 540 workers at the United Cotton Gorge Gin and said the ordinance would have a “negative impact” on the agricultural workers in Hockley County and surrounding areas.

“Farmers will be paying for the new ordinance out of their pocket. This ordinance will cause financial strain…” Isaacs said.