LUBBOCK, Texas — A man who was injured after a November 2022 crash involving an FBI agent in Wolfforth took action against the federal government, according to court documents obtained by on Friday.

Court records stated on November 9 at 3:13 p.m., an FBI agent was driving his “government-owned” vehicle on the Highway 62/82 frontage road, while a man was driving eastbound on Donald Preston Drive. The two roads intersect with traffic signals. A federal complaint, submitted by Lubbock lawmaker and attorney Dustin Burrows, stated the man had a green light and the FBI agent had a red light. The complaint said the agent went through the intersection “at a high rate of speed” and crashed into the man’s vehicle.

Federal court records claimed the agent’s vehicle did not have emergency lights or sirens turned on. The complaint also said the agent did not try to slow down before running the red light. Not only did the crash destroy the crash victim’s vehicle, court records stated, but it left him with injuries that required multiple surgeries and hospital stays.

“[The FBI agent] did not exercise reasonable care when he caused this collision by
proceeding unsafely through an intersection,” court documents stated. The complaint accused the agent of violating “several traffic laws.”

The complaint requested the federal government pay the victim back for the damages suffered in the crash, along with court costs and legal fees. A specific number was not mentioned. requested a statement from Burrows and the Liggett Law Group, who is representing the crash victim. If the invitation is accepted, an update will be provided.