LUBBOCK, Texas — Earlier this month, BASF marked its 25th anniversary since the introduction of the FiberMax cotton seed brand in Lubbock with a two-day event.

According to a press release from BASF, cotton supporters gathered on October 5th at the FiberMax Center for Discovery to share a meal and memories to help celebrate the starting point of an iconic cotton seed brand.

BASF Area Manager Mark Kelling walked attendees through a timeline of more than two decades of achievements, struggles and stories

“The Lubbock community and the people behind the cotton industry in West Texas have been and always will be critical to the success of FiberMax cotton,” the press release said.

A panel discussion brought together four individuals who contributed greatly to the introduction and success of FiberMax cotton in West Texas: Harvey Buehring, Mike Gilbert, Lee Rivenbark, and Linda Trolinder.

The following day on October 6th, the BASF cotton team hosted its annual Field Day at its breeding and trait development station.

The agriculture community was invited to learn about FiberMax cotton’s latest varieties and trait innovations.

West Texas is home to nearly 50 percent of the cotton grown in the United States, the press release said.

For more information on FiberMax, visit or reach out to your local BASF representative.