Fight leads to shots from AR style rifle, drugs found and arrests made LPD said

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LUBBOCK, Texas– Four people were arrested after a Lubbock Police report revealed the possession of narcotics contributed to a shooting Sunday morning.

Officers were originally told that people were arguing and then shots were fired at a car by a gunman with a rifle, according to a police report.

According to the report, officers arrived on the scene in the 2100 block of East 30th Street, exited their patrol vehicles from a distance and drew their rifles.

The officers slowly walked up to three men, Adonias Tzehaie, Dylan Zane Rios and Jaeden Andrew David Hobdy. The officers told the men why they were armed, but Hobdy responded “in a hostile manner” while Tzehaie and Rios acted like they did not know what was going on.

Police spoke with the woman who called in the disturbance. She said all three men were friends with her son. She said they were in front of her home when she heard arguing, followed by several gunshots, the report said.

The suspects’ vehicle had several bullet holes and a shattered rear windshield, police said.

The woman in the home allowed the officers access to her backyard.

An officer found a black and red bag in the southeast corner of the backyard. The red bag contained a brown loaded handgun, as well as a black loaded handgun. The officer also found a bag of methamphetamines, a bag of cocaine and a bag of marijuana, the report said.

The black bag contained a “brown AR style pistol,” the chamber smelled like fresh carbon, and the barrel of the firearm was still warm, according to police.

Officers also found a black weighing scale, a red weighing scale and a bag of 500 mg edibles, the report said.

Tzehaie, Rios and Hobdy were all arrested for manufacture or delivery of a substance in penalty, possession of substance in a penalty group, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana, according to police.

A separate police report related to the incident also said Demodric Dejuan Briley was also arrested for firing a firearm in a municipality.

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