LUBBOCK, Texas– A “fight night” at a South Lubbock residence early Sunday eventually led to one person getting shot after a fight over money, a police report said.

The officer spoke with two suspects at a home in the 2700 block of 111th Street, where they said bets were placed with the fights, according to the Lubbock Police Department. The suspects said then the winner would take the cash.

According to the report, a man won $120 for the fight that ended in the 11th round. The suspects said they knew he and the other person with him were “crazy.”

According to the report, the man and two other people left for a few hours but came back, pulled up to the house in a vehicle, and the man demanded his money, the report said.

The suspect told him to come back later on in the day when he was sober, but the man got upset. So, the suspect threw the money at him, the report said. Then, the man threw a beer bottle at her face and hit her.

According to witnesses, there were a lot of people in the street, and the man got out of his vehicle at some point. Then, the report said he was “jumped” and beaten up.

The witnesses said they heard approximately two gunshots, and the windows broke when this occurred, the report said. Both suspects denied hearing gunshots.

According to the report, officers later received information that a gunshot victim was at the Covenant Medical Center emergency room.

The victim told a different story on how the shooting occurred. Although he did say he was at a fight party previously on the north side of town, the report said.

No one was arrested for the incident at the time this article was published.