Firework safety tips for New Year’s celebrations

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Starting the year off with a bang can be an exciting way to welcome 2021, but in Lubbock, could quickly turn dangerous.

“Those fireworks are very, very powerful,” said Owner and President of Wholesale Fireworks, Sonni Menaldi. “We don’t want to tempt fate with anything that might cause any injury to anybody.”

Despite recent snow, this year Lubbock has had just over 11 inches of rain. On average, we see around 19 inches, meaning Lubbock is still in an extreme drought.

“Vegetation will not take much of anything to start a fire in a hurry,” said LFR Representative Lt. Phillip Grandon.

LFR said when ringing in the new year, make sure you have a way to put out a fire on hand.

“Take some water–a bucket of water, a water bottle–just whatever you can have on hand. If something starts on fire and you can get it while it’s small, it won’t spread,” said Lt. Grandon.

Even the leftover firework trash could cause major damage too.

“If you light something off and set it there, it has the potential to smolder. And if the wind blows, it’ll carry those embers into the brush, and that will start a fire as well. So, please douse your firework trash with water. If you can pick it up, put it in a bucket of water as long as it doesn’t burn your hand or anything,” said Lt. Grandon.

Anchoring fireworks so they stay upright and checking to see how windy it is before lighting the fuse are also ways to make sure the celebration does not get out of hand.

As the ball starts to fall, remember that in 2021, safety is the highest priority.

“We all know West Texas weather is crazy. If something crazy comes in, you can still shoot it over the weekend or next weekend as long as you do it safely,” said Menaldi.

Fireworks are illegal within Lubbock city limits, and those who are caught could receive up to a $1,000 fine.

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