LUBBOCK, Texas – With all of the Southwest Airlines flight cancellations, people who planned to be in Houston Wednesday night for the Texas Bowl had to change their plans. Many decided to stay put here in West Texas and just watch the game with some fellow Texas Tech University (TTU) fans.

One of many people who didn’t make the game was Katie Wilson, who graduated from TTU back in May. She bought tickets to the game on Dec. 4 for her and her dad. After making hotel reservations and scheduling plans around their flights, they woke up to unfortunate news from Southwest Airlines the day before the big game.

“My dad wakes me up and he’s like, check your email, my flights got canceled, see if yours got canceled,” Wilson said. “And they did.”

She checked other airlines to find flights but said the prices were going for over $1,200 one-way from Lubbock to Houston.

“I was like, oh my god, I have to sell these tickets,” Wilson said. “I was really upset because I got really good seats. I would’ve loved it.”

After posting on all of her social media platforms, she finally sold her tickets that were in the sixth row at NRG Stadium.

Wilson wasn’t the only one in that position. Many hopped in a car and drove. Others found a place to watch the Red Raiders here in the Hub City. Some staked out a spot at Teddy Jack’s.

“Everybody comes here a lot,” said Button Borne, who watched the whole game at Teddy Jack’s. “It’s a big deal. A lot of people live close so it’s convenient, and the food’s good.”

Aaric Aranda is a bartender at Teddy Jack’s who said working game days is one of his favorite parts of the job.

“I suggest coming over here to Teddy Jack’s,” Aranda said. “It’s never a bad time during the game. All of these people cheering gets me in a great mood.”

Although things didn’t go according to plan for Wilson, she remained in good spirits.

“I love the atmosphere of a Texas Tech football game,” Wilson said. “No matter where I’m at, whether I’m at home at a bar, or even at the stadium, I’ll take it.”