LUBBOCK, Texas — A Florida man admitted Monday to selling mislabeled prescription drugs to an undercover Lubbock Drug Enforcement Administration agent, according to court records. The admission was part of a plea agreement.

Albert Richard Boozer, of Palm Beach, Florida, was first contacted by an undercover DEA agent in Lubbock in late 2019, according to court documents.

Court documents said the agent contacted a suspected drug trafficker and attempted to purchase 200 Adderall pills for $800. The trafficker agreed and the officer wired the money and provided a post office box for the trafficker to send the drugs to.

In February 2020, an envelope arrived with a “Super Flex-6” dietary supplement bottle in it, according to court documents. Inside the bottle were 192 pink circular tablets, which were confirmed to contain Tramadol, a controlled narcotic.

Court documents said later that month another envelope arrived at the undercover post office box. In it was a smaller bubble-wrap envelope with 101 pink tablets. A lab report said the package had 97 tablets of Tramadol.

While the packages were sent from “Ryan Smith,” Boozer was identified through a account he used to send the drugs, according to court documents.

When investigators obtained a warrant to search through his emails, they found several messages regarding reshipping of prescription drugs for a company in India. Investigators also found multiple dietary supplement pill bottles with pills in them when they did a trash pull at his home. The pills were found to be controlled substances, according to court documents.

As of Monday, the guilty plea had not been accepted by a judge.