WOLFFORTH, Texas — Two close friends and former students at Frenship High School Skyler Dempsey and Mark Dannemiller were recently featured on Galactic Builders. The teens were taken aback by the attention for their class project. 

“When he texted us, ‘Hey we’re going to have you interview with LucasFilm and Disney,’ I was like what?” Dempsey said.  

The show’s producers and Lucasfilm, the iconic production company founded by Hollywood Director George Lucas, interviewed the students about their impressive mouse droid inspired by the “star wars” films. 

At the beginning of their spring semester, Dannemiller said they were assigned a class project to invent a droid with a ‘Star Wars’ theme. Dannemiller said he believed it would be fun, but they had no idea how much attention it would attract.   

“I decided why not build a little mouse droid, it would be kind of small and we can take it to competitions and drive it around and it can be some kind of spectacle,” Dannermiller said.  

Their teacher Nancy Schunke was so impressed with their hard work that she shared it with the ‘Star Wars’ building community.

“I was reached out to by one of the members who was looking for teams who had done Star Wars projects. And I said, ‘Hey, we did that.’ They reached out to me and that started the ball rolling,” Schunke said. 

Not overtaken by their new found fame, they want this to be a message to others.   

“You see these big engineers and don’t be intimidated by them,” Dempsey said. “You know, they worked hard for that, so you have to work hard for it too.”

Both students graduated and went on to college. Skyler Dempsey now studies at Lubbock Christian University and Mark Dannemiller is a Red Raider at Texas Tech University.