Former homeless man gives back to community, writes poetry book

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A formerly homeless Lubbock man is now giving back to the community, in addition to publishing his first poetry book.

Devlynn Javon has a life story that is incredible. He’s gone through hardships such as being in foster care, going through the adoption process and being homeless.

“At five years old, me and my sister went into foster care and were transferred from a couple different homes before finding one to stay in.” Javon said.

By 17, Javon had moved out, finished high school and joined the army. After he was discharged, he became homeless.

“My poetry began as an escape from reality, just dealing with the childhood I had,” Javon said. “I was never really comfortable with people and writing down my problems and issues was my way to escape.”

Javon’s hardships helped him become who he is today and drove him to start giving back.

“I’m going to work hard for everything in life and before I do anything, I’m going to look back and look out for those who are walking in my shoes.” Javon said.

Devlynn has written about his life, about depression and about love through words of poetry, and his actions don’t go unnoticed.

“He’s had it in his heart, he was sincere,” said Prencess Pearson, a volunteer and mentor for the homeless. “He wanted to go out and he made it happen. I am very proud of him.”

Many resources such as the Salvation Army, The Veteran Affairs, Devine Faith and Faith Trust Center can help get individuals on their feet to try and make a better life for themselves.

To read Devlynn’s poetry book, Unspoken Words (of Unheard of Thoughts), you can find it on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

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