LUBBOCK, Texas — Monday was special for Ms. Rose Wilson, who served as Lubbock’s first African American female President.

At 95-years-old Wilson has accomplished a lot, and her family and friends celebrated her birthday in a big way.

“A lot of the people that started with me, are gone,” Wilson said. “I think about that, but they are still looking down on me and still giving me inspiration.”

Wilson spent time reflecting on her life, which has not always been easy, but she persevered.

When you enter her home, you can see flowers delivered by family, friends and organizations for her birthday. You can also see countless awards that line the walls of her home.

“I got over 100 awards with certificates. My walls are lined with plaques and awards, and certificates. I’ve been stacking them up,” Wilson said.

Wilson came to Lubbock in 1955 with her five children and quickly became involved in the community.

Rose Wilson (left) celebrated her 95th birthday, pictured with BrenShavia Jordan (right)

Along with being the former NAACP President, she served on several boards and has seen so much change over the years.

When asked to narrow her achievements, Wilson told, that’s a task too big.

“I got so many I would have to give you my resume to let you see how many I have, because I can’t count them all,” Wilson said.

There is one experience that has stuck with her over the years.

“The food bank — we were a big part of putting that food bank together, and now it has grown,” Wilson said. “I have seen it come from nothing to something.”

Something she would not be here without is her faith and family. Turning 95 is a big milestone and she is thankful her family and friends made the day special.

“Thank you, thank you for loving me so much that you would give up your time to come out and celebrate me, and dance with me!” Wilson said.

She said she is not stopping anytime soon and hoped to leave a legacy not only her family can follow, but generations to come.