An arrest warrant said the motive for murdering a former Lubbock resident in Williamson County was a dispute over the price of sex.

Stormie Devon Callison, 22, was shot and killed on February 1 in Bartlett, Texas. She had previously lived in Lubbock and worked at Cujo’s sports bar. 

Officers found the suspect’s vehicle several hours later in Burnet County. Archie Samuel Rogers, 32, of Bartlett was arrested and charged with murder. 

Rogers told investigators he met Callison via an adult website. He said they agreed to $600 but she raised the price to $1,000 and threeated to call police if he did not pay.

“The defendant admitted he freaked out,” the warrant said. He used a gun to shoot Callison in the right leg.  Then he shot her in the head, the warrant said.  

As of Friday, Rogers remained in jail on a $500,000 bond.  

On Friday,, requested a copy of the arrest warrant. 

I, Detective XXXXXXX #11454, being duly sworn, do state upon my oath that I have good reason to believe, I do believe, and I charge heretofore, that before the filing of this complaint, that Rogers, Archie (W/M xx/xx/1986), on or about the 1st day of February, 2019, in Williamson County, Texas, did then and there, with intent to cause serious bodily injury to an individual, Callison, Stormie (W/F xx/xx/1997), hereafter styled the victim, commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that caused the death of the victim by shooting her in the right leg and head. 

Through the course of an investigation, the Affiant has learned the following facts: 

1. On Friday February 1st, 2019 at approximately 17:45 hours I, XXXXXXX received a call from SIU Sgt. Pokorny in reference to a possible Murder located at 624 W Jackson St. Bartlett, TX. Williamson County. 

2. Upon arrival, I spoke with Detective XXXXXXX and he told me the victim was located in the master bedroom with gunshot wounds to her right leg and what appeared to be to the right side of her head. 

3. Detective XXXXXXX advised me Judge Mclean made scene and pronounced the victim deceased. 

4. Through our investigation it was determined the victim was with the defendant at this residence. 

5. The defendant was later found on property located on the 7200 blk of E FM 243 Burnet, TX 

6. The defendant was read Miranda warning and advised of his rights. 

7. The defendant stated he met the victim on an adult website and they made an arrangement to meet at his residence located at 624 W Jackson St. to have sexual intercourse for $600.00. The defendant stated after sex the victim raised the price to $1,000.00 and stated to the defendant, she would call the cops if he did not pay her. 

8. The defendant admitted he freaked out and pulled out his Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol from the night stand and shot the victim in the leg. 

9. The defendant then admitted he shot the victim again and left the residence. 

The Affiant is a Commissioned Peace Officer for the Williamson County Sheriffs Office, Williamson County, Texas and believes that the above described events occurred in Williamson County, Texas. The Affiant also believes, based on the above stated facts, that the defendant has committed the offense of Murder PC 19.02 (B)(2) I Fl 

SWORN AND SUBSCRIBED TO before me by, XXXXXXX #11454, a credible person, on this 1st day of February 2019.

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