LUBBOCK, Texas – Following the news of college football coach Mike Leach’s health issue Monday, Red Raider Nation reflected on the impact he left in the Hub City, including some of his former players.

Cody Campbell is a Texas Tech regent and was a four-year letterman on the offensive line from 2001-2004 under Coach Leach. He now has a family and a successful oil and gas business. He said he attributes all of it to Coach Leach and what he taught him.

“Learning those lessons and going through those things and being transformed in that way by a coach who has, you know, that kind of leadership and that ability to affect change on people is something that’s a great privilege,” he explained.

According to Campbell, he was a very tough coach and made practice miserable, but it paid off in the long run.

“Looking back, we’re just so appreciative of him, and what he did and what he put us through because he had a plan, and he knew that he was making us better,” said Campbell

He said he still lives by some of Leach’s more famous catchphrases. One of those being, “don’t confuse activity with results.” Meaning, just because someone shows up doesn’t mean they’ll get any better. He also told his players to play every play, no matter what.

Campbell added, “He showed us all how great we can be and how special things can be at Texas Tech.”

The 61-year-old is now the head coach at Mississippi State. He coached the Red Raiders from 2000 to 2009, and still remains the most winningest coach in school history.

In a statement Monday, Mississippi State said Leach’s family was with him, and they appreciated all the love and support but were asking for privacy at the time.