Four year virtual learning student shares her online learning experience

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LUBBOCK, Texas – As the pandemic continues, some families are opting for online learning to help protect their families. One local family shared story on their four year virtual learning experience.

Kelly Seal-Nyman said her fourth grade daughter, Tenlee has attended TTU K-12 since kindergarten.

TTU K-12 is a state approved school for kindergarten through 12th grade that administers classes online. The school is a unit of the Texas Tech University eLearning Academic Partnerships division and offers tuition based instruction.

Kelly said she learned about the school after working at the Texas Tech admissions office.

“I was on board for homeschooling,” she said,” My husband it took a little bit longer for him to buy into the idea simply because of the socialization aspect of a student attending a brick and mortar school versus an online school.”

Kelly said the biggest challenge in online learning has been setting a schedule but that they eventually developed a plan and a schedule that worked for them.

Her daughter Tenlee said although virtual learning has limited in person interaction, she is still involved in outside activities such as piano and tennis. She said she enjoys the flexibility of the online learning process.

“Its kind of fun because you can do it whenever you want, you can do it on the weekends or on the weekdays,” she said.

Tenlee said that she’s even more grateful to be learning online amid the pandemic and that she encourages people to make the best out of the pandemic.

“I think it’s more simple than going to school because of the pandemic. You don’t have the risk of getting sick,” she said, “I think that everyone just needs to stay positive about it and they need to just make sure that they’re all taking their precautions.”

Justin Louder Ed.D., superintendent of TTU K-12, said they’ve seen an increase in enrollment during the pandemic. He said the school offers options to help families navigate the new school year.

“I applaud all the school districts and everything they’ve done,” he said. “It’s not easy to switch to virtual education.”

Louder said TTU K-12 has been doing remote learning for decades.

“If parents are concerned about going back to in person school [or] their kids are concerned to going to in-person school, the TTU K-12 is an option,” he said.

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