LUBBOCK, Texas — A community activist and some residents said they view the Free Plan B kits given out at Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse as “problematic.” The coffeehouse said it is just trying to help the women in West Texas.

The kits include Plan B pills, condoms, lubricant, pregnancy test, a “know what’s best for you” guide and a flyer on digital security for abortion and pregnancy privacy.

“After Roe v. Wade, you know, they can use your social media against you, if you give this to a friend, they can use this,” said Destiny Adams, owner of Tumbleweed & Sage. “If it’s illegal in a state and you hand it over, you can get in big trouble. So this is just telling you about that.”

Activist Mark Lee Dickson, Director with Right to Life of East Texas and Founder of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative said the kits are very disturbing.

“These Plan B kits also have instructions on how people can hide the information about looking for abortions or other things from their parents … maybe even that can be used for trying to hide it from law enforcement,” Dickson said.

Jane’s Due Process and the coffeehouse have partnered to give out over 100 kits.

The kits created a spark in the community to step up and help by donating to a community pantry.

“[The pantry includes] diapers pads, just, you know, hygiene products for all condoms, dental dams, we try to have the most inclusive stockpile possible,” Adams said.

Dickson said the items are encouraging sexually deviant behavior.

“They are not only giving Plan B kits, but they’re also giving dental dams encouraging oral sex, right across the street from a high school,” Dickson said. “This is something that should concern parents throughout the Wolfforth community.”

Overall, Adams said she is happy to help women in need.

“We need to start educating people somewhere, or else we’ll end up with a lot of children that aren’t wanted — a lot of postpartum suicidal women,” Adams said. “Just so many things come with having a pregnancy that is unwanted. And then a lot comes with not educating our community.”

Jane’s Due Process released a full statement:

Jane’s Due Process believes people, including young Texans, should know their rights and security when it comes to digital privacy. We always support youth who choose to involve a parent in their sexual and reproductive health decisions, but we also know it’s not possible for some. Not to mention the uncertainty around abortion access right now. People always have and always will have abortions and everyone, especially young people, deserve to make that decision without fearing criminalization and with the support system they deserve. 

The purpose of the repro kits is to offer free materials and information so young Texans can make their own informed decisions.