Kardi, the French Bulldog will make her 6th ever appearance in the calendar.

LUBBOCK, TexasWalkin’ Pets, a company devoted to helping elderly, disabled and handicapped pets, announced in a press release that a French Bulldog from Lubbock, Texas won a spot in the 2023 Walkin’ Pets Calendar.

Kardi became paralyzed from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), a spinal disorder, in January 2015 and got a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair a month later, according to the press release.

She died on February 20, 2022 after years of being a therapy dog, bringing joy to those who encountered her.

“Kardi was an amazing little girl whose smile brightened the world,” her owner said. Video shared on social media shows the happy bulldog playing fetch, even with a wheelchair.

Another Texas dog named Bay Lee, a Boykin spaniel from the Houston area, also made an appearance in the calendar.

Bay Lee, Boykin Spaniel from the Houston area playing in her wheelchair. (Image courtesy of Walkin’ Pets)

In November of 2021, Bay Lee was diagnosed with IVDD, so her family got her a wheelchair too.

“Life with Bay Lee has definitely changed, but we still have our brave girl,” her family said.

The 2023 Walkin’ Pets calendar can be purchased on their website and all proceeds go to the Handicapped Pets Foundation.