LUBBOCK, Texas – From start to finish, construction students at Frenship High School are getting a hands-on experience shaping their future.

“What we are doing right now like I love coming out every single day just doing this,” said Jayce Triplett, a senior at Frenship.

Frenship’s construction classes are tackling the project by building walls, and the home.

“It has been a blessing to have all the resources we have and I was really excited to finally get out to a real job sight and get to learn how to do everything,” said Colton Tabbert, Frenship senior.

The project was nailed together with Habitat for Humanity to give someone in the community a place to live.

“It changes lives when they have the security of owning their own home. It transforms the lives of their kids so the more houses there are the better,” said Christi Reeves, Habitat for Humanity Executive Director.

All in the hopes of also helping the dramatic shortage of construction workers.

“That just drives up the cost of building in Lubbock and throughout the country. Not everyone needs to go to college, they can go into these trades. They can get a head start with these programs,” said Reeves.

The opportunity is sparking their passion as they work toward a career before even getting their diplomas.

“[The goal is] eventually coming back to Lubbock and start a framing house company like this,” said Tabbert.

The house should be done by the end of the school year.