Friends, fans show support for ‘critically ill’ Mac Davis

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LUBBOCK, TX — As Lubbock legend Mac Davis fights for his life in a Nashville, Tennessee, hospital after a heart surgery Monday, his old friends from the Hub City emphasized that while he’s a great songwriter, he’s an ever better man.

“We’re praying for him, and he’s a fighter. Hopefully, he’ll pull through this, but it’s serious,” Don Caldwell, Davis’ longtime friend and owner of Caldwell Entertainment, said.

Caldwell has worked with Davis for years and called him “the most gracious guy you’ve ever seen,” and others who know Davis echoed this praise.

“[He] treated everybody like they’re old friends,” Mike Pritchard, a fellow musician who performed with Davis at the Lubbock Centennial, said.

And even my mother, Christi Myers, a former reporter for ABC13 in Houston, has a story about Mac Davis. One of the first big interviews of her career was with Davis in college in Wichita Falls in the 1970s.

“Mac Davis was the first big celebrity interview I ever did … He was so nice, and I was so nervous. I was standing there writing down everything he said, and finally, he said, ‘Hey why don’t you sit down, relax, have a beer,'” Myers said.

While the old saying goes, “no one’s a prophet in their own land,” Davis has seemed to prove that wrong.

“I think the thing that really cinched it with everybody in Lubbock about their love for Mac Davis was when he wrote the song ‘Texas in My Rearview Mirror,’ which is actually ‘Lubbock in My Rearview Mirror’ … That touched everybody, and it really touches me,” Caldwell said.

And both Caldwell and Pritchard know exactly what they would say if they could say anything right now to their friend who helped put their city on the map.

“I hope you make a good recovery. I know you’re getting a little long in the tooth, but you still have some time and you’ve got some more great songs to write,” Pritchard said.

“I would just say, ‘I love you,'” Caldwell said.

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