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LUBBOCK, Texas — One family that recently moved to Texas shared their experience of making the move to the Lone Star state with KLBK Monday.

According to the 2020 Texas Relocation Report from Texas Realtors, Californians see Texas as one of the five most desirable states to move to.

Kim Flenniken, a realtor with McDougal Companies, said she has seen more interest in Californians wanting to move to Lubbock lately.

“Property values are so much more advantageous in Lubbock than they area in California. They can get two to three times the yard space they can get here in Lubbock,” said Flenniken, “Also fewer restrictions and easier lifestyle from a governmental standpoint for sure is at play.”

“For buying a house, you’re starting at $600,000 for nothing,” Vicky Glum, a new Texas resident, said about California. “You don’t have a yard. You don’t have anything. Renting in the Bay Area you’re looking at five and seven thousand dollars for just a two bedroom, and it’s impossible.”

Glum said her family had considered making the move to Texas years ago to cities like Dallas and McKinney. However, she said after having their second child they realized that they wanted a quieter city.

“[People in Lubbock] are so kind,” she said. “I think that was one of the biggest shocks to us moving here is how kind everybody has been.”

Glum said less traffic, gas prices and better schooling for her children has made her value Texas even more.

“We came here because of the way it is and we want to help keep it that way for sure,” said Glum. “We have no intentions of making this another California.”

Glum said she was able to connect with people locally through online groups. So far, she said people in the area have been hospitable, which she said is a contrast to California.

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