LUBBOCK, Texas — Gals That Brunch is a group that allows all South Plains women to join to make a new friend. Gals That Brunch is a “community within a community” and is all about creating friendships rather than networking.

“It’s just meeting together and intentionally getting to know someone for the purpose of being their friend,” Tracy Cole, City leader of Gals That Brunch, said.

Cole said when she announced that she was starting the group in the South Plains she said the word of the group spread like wildfire.

“So, then I think from December 28… there are now 775 members in the group,” Cole said.

She said even if there’s two new friendships made, that’s what its purpose was.

“This is where you show off you. Because the thing is, with women, we’re so used to being like, I’m a business owner, and I miss them. We feel like we have to tell people all the things that we do that we forget about. Hey, you’re also a person…. at the first brunch, I told them I said, this is about finding the person behind the business,” Cole said.

A handful of gals that attended the first brunch said it was worth it because they were able to meet a new face.

“I don’t know a lot of people outside of work, and I don’t have a lot of female friends that I hang out with more than every once in a while. And I think it’s tough to find female friends. I don’t know if men have the same problem, but it’s definitely hard for women,” Dyna Covington, group member, said.

Cold shared how its more than just brunch, she said when women get together for a common good, we can do amazing things.

“We have a mission to be able to share what we have and what we know with everything else in our community. And that means we can all become closer to each other and become further rooted in love of Texas by being able to get back.” Randi Brackett, group member, said.

You can scan the QR code above to visit the “Gals That Brunch – Lubbock” Facebook group.