LUBBOCK, Texas — The South Plains feeling a white Christmas but not seeing it, Atmos Energy and Lowery Plumbing heating and Air Conditioning warn people ahead of time what they can do.

Mark Branscome, operations manager at Lowery Plumbing heating and Air Conditioning, said your plumbing affects more than just the water and sewer.

“…You’re also going to find that it is to your gas appliances, like a furnace or stove or something like that can be gas burning.” Branscome said.

Ed Espinoza, Manager of Public Affairs at Atoms Energy, shared the top three Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not use your oven or your gas stovetop to heat your homes.
  • Make sure that you change the batteries in your fire alarms and the alarms you have for carbon monoxide. You know, we recommend that you change those batteries out every six months.
  • Lower your thermostat if you can use a weather stripping, make sure the cracks in the doorways and the windows are filled with caulk or weather stripping. But try and do your best to weatherize your home to make sure the heat stays in.

Branscome told that you should get those pipes and furnaces checked out ahead of time.

“It’s better to start calling today. Even if you don’t have an issue yet. have us come out and do a plumbing check or heating and air check. Make sure that it’s at least prepared as best you can make it now.” Branscome said.