LUBBOCK, Texas — The family of Lincoln Flores set up a GoFundMe account Wednesday. Flores lost his life a house fire in the 2300 block of 47th Street Monday morning.

“Three people occupied the home and were able to escape,” Lubbock Fire Rescue said. “One of the residents reentered the home to look for a dog. The resident was unable to escape after reentry.”

Ruben Perez, who lived in the home with Flores, said Flores led his two sisters to safety. But he went back inside to save his dog.

LFR found Flores’ body alongside the dog’s body.

Betty Flores wrote on GoFundMe, “There are many people that love their pets and would do anything to protect them.”

“I’m sure many People would have done the same as my brother,” Betty said. She referred to him as “the hero.”

The goal of the account is $4,000. As of Wednesday morning, it raised $470.

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